Meet our Partners

King Cake Hub is proud to bring together some of the best king cakes from New Orleans and Southeast Louisiana as we get ready for Mardi Gras 2024. From years of Carnival tradition to the hot new kids on the king cake block, from filled to unfilled, from danish to brioche, and from your old-school favorites to the new ones you must try, we're your one-stop shop for all things king cake including several flavors exclusive to King Cake Hub! 

(Below is our 2024 lineup of bakeries and king cakes. We can not guarantee availability of any cake on any day.)


King Cake Hub Originals

Epiphany - The Cake of Kings

Developed by King Cake Hub and Gambino's. Twelfth Night is "Three Kings Day" or "Epiphany" and marks the beginning of the Mardi Gras season. What better name for the King of Cakes than Epiphany? Try this delicious combination of a sweet Danish dough, cinnamon swirl and cream cheese icing and you'll understand why the Cake of Kings has become New Orleans' King of Cakes!

King Cake Hub Offerings:

  • Traditional
  • Cream Cheese
  • Nutella


Dragon Claw King Cake

Dragon Claw was developed by King Cake Hub with the help of Caluda's Bakery. This Asian-inspired cake has a flaky, sweet dough that is folded with butter and cinnamon in the French style. 

  • Dragon Claw (Exclusive to King Cake Hub!)

    Gambino's Bakery

    Gambino's Bakery, New Orleans

    In the early 1920s, Beulah Ledner sold baked goods out of her Uptown home on Lowerline and opened her own bakery in 1933. She became known as the "Doberge Queen of New Orleans," inventing the classic cake and becoming a baking legend. In the 1940s she sold her retail location and recipes to Joe Gambino and in 1949 "Joe Gambino's Bakery" was born. Now, Gambino's brings 70 years of Carnival tradition with king cakes made by hand fresh daily with a sweet, special recipe Danish dough that is infused with cinnamon swirls throughout. We are proud to be the exclusive Orleans Parish distributor for the King of King Cakes!

    King Cake Hub Offerings:

    • Traditional
    • Cream Cheese
    • Strawberry Cream Cheese
    • Bavarian
    • Almond

    Gambino's Bakery King Cakes

    Hi-Do Bakery

    Hi Do Bakery Logo

    In 1975 Ha Do escaped from South Vietnam as the country fell to North Vietnam. Fearing Communist rule he left his family behind and traveled by boat with only the clothes on his back making his way to a refugee camp in Indonesia before finally getting clearance to come to America. After eight years he finally was reunited with his family and in 1989 started his own bakery. Thirty years later, Hi Do Bakery has become a favorite of the West Bank as crowds flock to this Vietnamese bakery for French bread, pastries and amazing king cakes. Utilizing a French style of baking, Hi Do's King Cakes are not to be missed.

    King Cake Hub Offerings:
    • Traditional with Cinnamon
    • Cream Cheese
    • Bavarian Cream

    Hi Do Bakery, Vietnamese King Cakes

    Cannata's Bakery

    Cannata's Supermarket

    When he was just 12 years old, Vincent Cannata started working at his family's grocery store in the Carrollton area of New Orleans. He milked cows at his family's farm and delivered milk door to door. He expanded to include bread, fruits and vegetables to be delivered to neighbors and other markets including working at the New Orleans French Market. In 1939 he married Fannie Canale and the couple moved to Morgan City and opened up a fruit stand. This would eventually become Morgan City's first modern supermarket. Now, Cannata's has three locations in the Houma & Morgan City area with an in-store restaurant, a huge wine and liquor department and an amazing bakery making over 60 flavors of King Cake! In 2017, their Snickerdoodle Ooey-Gooey King Cake was the People's Choice winner at the annual King Cake Festival and it is out of this world. King Cake Hub is proud the be the exclusive New Orleans distributor for Cannata's yummy king cakes.

    King Cake Hub Offerings: (Flavors will vary- other flavors may be available in-house and for pre-order)
    • Gooey Butter Snickerdoodle
    • Cannata Cannoli
    • Salted Caramel
    • Traditional Cinnamon
    • Gooouie  - A rich White Chocolate King Cake honoring New Orleans Music Ambassador to the World Louis Armstrong.  A portion of sale on the Goouie go to support Second Harvest Food Bank.

    Cannatas Gooey Butter Berry Cream Cheese King Cake

    Bywater Bakery

    Bywater Bakery, New Orleans

    From baking starting from the age of sixteen in her high school's culinary program to the Culinary Institute of America to serving as Bakery Manager at Whole Foods to overseeing thousands of King Cakes being cranked out from Rouse's Market, Chaya Conrad brings a lifetime of amazing bakery experience to a place of her very own in New Orleans' Bywater neighborhood. In just a couple of years Bywater Bakery has become a big name in New Orleans' Carnival scene with a Berry Chantilly King Cake that many consider to be a must-get for Mardi Gras. We're proud to be working with one of Carnival's newest shining stars!

    King Cake Hub Offerings:

    • Carnival- 10 inch fluffy brioche slathered in ooey gooey batter and funfetti sprinkles. 
    • Chantilly- 10 inch fluffy brioche overfilled with our signature Chantilly cream and fresh berries
    • Azul Dulce Blueberry
    • *Look for a couple specials throughout the season

    Bywater Bakery's Berry Chantilly King Cake


    NOCCA Logo




    We are very proud to be partnering with the Culinary Arts program of the New Orleans Center for Creative Arts (NOCCA) as they bring their creative king cakes as a fundraiser for the department. 

    • Gluten Free Cinnamon
    • Satsuma Almond


    Caluda's King Cakes 

    Caluda's King Cakes

    Caluda's has a 10,000 square foot bakery in Harahan which cranks out thousands of delicious King Cakes every year and also is the home of Cottage Catering, purveyors of Jazz Fest favorites Crawfish Strudel and White Chocolate Bread Pudding! Chef John Caluda's King Cakes are made from a rich, moist Danish dough and brushed with melted butter and cinnamon sugar. Each Caluda’s Mardi Gras King Cake is finished with their very own vanilla icing and sprinkled with handmade Mardi Gras-colored sugars. 

    Available Flavors: 

    • Plain
    • Cream Cheese
    • Praline
    • Bavarian
    • Lemon
    • Raspberry Cream Cheese
    • Strawberry Cream Cheese
    • Praline Cream Cheese
    • Mini Plain King Cake

    Caluda's King Cake

    SugarLove Bakery

    SugarLove Bakery

    SugarLove Bakery was founded by Sierra Dee, a local baker who started her business from her kitchen at home. After a couple of years of creating a loyal local following for her custom birthday & wedding cakes (and after completely outgrowing her kitchen) she finally opened her own professional bakery. Sugar Love made a splash and won awards at the last few King Cake Festivals with tasty king cakes and creative individual snacks including their very popular King Cake on a Stick, King Cake Nuggets, and King Cake Bread Pudding

    Available Flavors: 

      • Traditional King Cake
      • King Cake on a Stick
      • King Cake Nuggets
      • King Cake Bread Pudding
      • King Cake Hot Chocolate Bomb

    SugarLove King Cake


      Caywood Randazzo Logo

      From one of the biggest family names in New Orleans king cakes, Caywood-Randazzo's king cakes are made from scratch with the freshest ingredients and made daily with cinnamon incorporated inside of a hand-braided dough with different colored sugar sprinkled on top. 

      Available Flavors: 

      • Cinnamon (Traditional)
      • Cream Cheese
      • Royal (sections of cream cheese, apple, lemon and strawberry)

      Caywood Randazzo King Cake

      Gracious Bakery

      Gracious Bakery

      Gracious Bakery + Cafe offers an array of products made by hand, from scratch, and baked off daily with ingredients that reflect their local surroundings. No mixes, bases or shortcuts are used. They use quality ingredients like Plugra butter and King Arthur unbleached and unbromated flour because with baking the basic ingredients can be the most important. They strive to ensure that these values come through in their product. King Cake Hub is delighted to welcome Gracious Bakery as one of our bakery partners! 

      Gracious Bakery King Cakes

      • Galette Des Rois
      • Almond Queen 
      • Chocolate King


      Breads on Oak

      Breads on Oak Logo

      Breads on Oak offers vegan, organic king cakes using all-natural plant based dyes and natural coloring. Their vegan fillings are amazing and few notice the difference  with the high quality organic ingredients they use.  We are especially excited for some of the new boozy flavors that they are adding for 2023!

      Breads on Oak King Cake

      • Cinnamon
      • Almond Cream Filled
      • Bavarian
      • Cream Cheese
      • Salted Caramel Praline
      • Strawberry Cream Cheese


      King Cakes by Brennan's

      One of the most famous names in New Orleans dining culture is Brennan's and we are so excited to welcome them to Kin Cake Hub! ‘All Hail to the King Cakes!’ will ring through the kitchen at Brennan’s as the exceptional artistry of Executive Corporate Pastry Chef Brett Gauthier and the culinary team reaches new levels in king cakery. Local aficionados may think they’ve seen –and tasted – it all, but each of these kingly newcomers is destined to become true New Orleans royalty."

      Brennan's Traditional King Cake
      • Traditional
      • Pink Parade
      • Bananas Foster
      • *NEW* Almond Cake (below)

      Brennan's New Orleans Almond King Cake made for King Cake Hub


      Bittersweet Confections

      • Traditional
      • Chocolate Cream Cheese
      • Minis!



      Returning for 2023, Nolita was founded by Martha Gilreath who grew up on the North Shore of New Orleans eating the original McKenzie’s king cakes. Unfortunately, she started using about 18 years ago and was in active addiction for over 16.    She ended up being homeless for a total of three years and completely estranged from everyone she knew.  Martha finally sought treatment and with the help and support of the treatment center she was able to get and stay sober.  While in treatment she discovered a love for feeding others and celebrating food and life.  She eventually enrolled in culinary school at New Orleans Culinary and Hospitality Institute where her parking spot under the Pontchartrain Expressway was right next to where she used to sleep while she was homeless.  She graduated from NOCHI as valedictorian.  In January of 2021 she started NOLITA with a friend. They started delivering king cakes while still in school.  Her king cakes have been a hit and King Cake Hub is excited to carry this delicious cake.  Martha has been overwhelmed by the support of the New Orleans community.   Martha wants to give hope and celebrate life-through food and honesty.  Martha is also included in the Big Book of King Cake by Matt Haines.  

      Her cake is a fluffy light enriched yeast dough cake reminiscent of the old McKenzie’s.  Updated with an ode to Louisiana with satsuma zest, brown butter, and a sugar cane glaze.



      Mad Batter Bakery

      Based in Chalmette, LA, Mad Batter Bakery creates both traditional as well as unique treats, offering a sweet touch to a couple's big day. Mad Batter Bakery’s story begins in one of the founder’s childhood. As a young girl, she learned to bake from her grandmother and later shared these talents with her own daughter. They would then go on to establish this bakery, creating cakes made using time-tested recipes and techniques.

      • Traditional
      • Blackberry
      • Doberge
      • Italian Cream
      • Almond Joy
      • Peaches and Cream 


      Marguerite's Cakes


      Ms Marguerite started making cakes from scratch in her Kitchen in 1978. In the early 80's she was the first baker to put apple filling in her king cakes, then added cream cheese and the rest is history! Her business grew rapidly by word of mouth, she had to open her first bakery in Kenner but she quickly outgrew that location and moved to Slidell where she is at present. Marguerite specializes in King Cakes, Wedding Cakes, Cookies, Doberge Cakes, Special Occasion Cakes, Cookie Cakes, Pies, Cheescakes, Fondant and so much more!! 

      • Traditional
      • Cream Cheese
      • Cajun Praline
      • Pineapple
      • Pina Colada
      • Queen with Cheese - perfect for those who can't decide.  this cake is stuffed throughout with cream cheese and each section has a different fruit strawberry, blueberry, raspberry and cherry fillings

      Belinda's Gluten Free King Cakes 


      Belinda Dahan, native New Orleanian and former owner of the restaurant Waffles on Maple, has been baking gluten-free king cakes since 2015. Originally having crafted her recipe to accommodate her daughter’s gluten intolerance, her king cakes have become a local favorite being gluten-free, nut and dairy free, (with the exception of cream cheese filling) made from scratch, and hand braided. Belinda’s Gluten Free King Cakes will be available to purchase during Mardi Gras season.
    • Gluten Free Traditional
    • Gluten Free Cream Cheese
    • Gluten Free Strawberry Cream Cheese
    • Gluten Free Bavarian

    • Paw Paw's Donuts

      • King Cake Filled Donuts
      • Pull-Apart Chocolate Cream King Cake 
      • Pull-Apart Vanilla Bean King Cake
      • Pull-Apart Cream Cheese Custard King Cake

      District Donuts

      • Almond - Danish style croissant dough flavored with almonds

      Lifelong New Orleanian, Kirby Jones joins King Cake Hub with a selection of puff pastry style king cakes.  Her cakes are rich and decadent with the addition of ingredients like edible rose petals, almond frangipane and a yummy buttercream icing.  Her savory is loaded with crawfish, butter, holy trinity and parmesan sprinkled with fresh thyme.   

      • Creole Queen - a creole cream cheese
      • Rose Queen - filled with rose cabe syrup and topped with buttercream and rose petals
      • Almond Queen - filled with rich almond fragipane and topped with buttercream
      • Don Creole Crawfish

      Laurel Street Bakery is family owned New Orleans bakery. At Laurel Street Bakery, all items are baked from scratch, by hand, using only all-natural top quality ingredients – the way baking is supposed to 

      • Nutella
      • Strawberry Cream Cheese
      • Sampler - Container Nutella, Strawberry Cream Cheese, Almond and Traditional


      Allergy-friendly, gluten-free, and keto-friendly too… the Eat Fit King Cake is perfect for those with specific dietary restrictions who still want to enjoy a delicious King Cake season!


       The Cake Guy & Macronage



    • King Cake Macarons
    • Big Boy Ooey Gooey King Cake

      Big Boy Ooey Gooey

      Big Boy Ooey Gooey. The name says it all. Eat this. 


      NOTE: Not all flavors listed above will be available daily and selection may vary.