Thank you for a great Carnival -- King Cake Hub will return Jan 6, 2024

That's it, baby!

No Pre-orders and No Shipping

Our bakery partners are stretched to the max to get you as many fresh, delicious cakes as they can. What that means is that quantities are inconsistent and some cakes are not available every day. You can see that makes pre-orders impossible and shipping equally so. Your best bet is to come in early in-person to get the best selection of the freshest cakes of the day.

1464 S. Broad (at Zony Mash) and 520 Royal St. in the French Quarter

The main King Cake Hub location at 1464 S. Broad at the corner of S. Broad and Martin Luther King Jr Blvd. and is open every day through Lundi Gras. Hours are 8:30am-6pm everyday through Lundi Gras.

The pop-up at Historic New Orleans Collection is closed for the season.