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January 6, 2022. We are back and bigger than ever!

King Cake Hub Returns

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The Best King Cakes You've Ever Had and Never Had.

King Cake Hub

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The best area king cakes in one convenient location.

King Cake Hub

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Pre-order your favorite king cake for in-store pickup!

King Cake Hub

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King Cake treats from traditional to entirely new!

King Cake Hub

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King Cake Hub is growing!

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Countdown to Epiphany

"Y'all are doing the lord's work" and other King Cake Hub Testimonials

“Ahhh! [They have] the one I’ve been waiting for!” – Rachel S.

“If you were wondering what The Mortuary was during carnival season… Yummy king cakes!!!!” –Anne H.

“We picked up our Epiphany cake. It was very good. Will be back for a Hi-Do, those are so yummy!” –Miles C.

“Picked our Hi-Do king cake up today. It is DIVINE!! Thanks and glad to have you in Mid City!” –Heather E.

“Wow! I can’t wait to come down and celebrate. Love the pics.” –Tammy H.

“I’d love to visit and take home lots of king cakes!” –Christina P.

“Awesomeness!!!” –Julie C.

“I’m excited!” –Gail H.

“I will be back!!!” –Rachel S.

“Great idea- one stop place.” –L. Wilson

“So unbelievably excited about this!!” –NOLA Cutting Boards 

“The gluten-free community thanks you!” –Rebecca F.

(On little girl photo) “Best little sales lady I’ve ever met! She’s adorable – and so very knowledgeable of her King Cakes!” –Maria B.

“These are delicious!” –Suzanne K.

“Got dat! Thanks!!” –Dionne D.

“Their king cakes are soo good! Go get one!” –Molly M.

“Following this page right now!” –Sheena D.

“Y’all are doing the lord’s work.” –Leslie H.

“Perfect for breakfast” –Anya U.

“I needed this in my life!” –Beyond Bourbon Street

“Had one of these from the Hub last week and was very impressed. Current favorite actually.” –Kevin T.

“I bought 2 of these cakes over the weekend (1 cream cheese and 1 bavarian) and they are both demolished!! Excellent king cake!!” –Mindy P.

“Thanks for your help today… y’all are awesome!” –Meredith N.

“Wait. What?! That looks amazing!!!! I’m so happy y’all taught me about Chantilly cake!!!!” –Melissa M

“Can’t wait to get to NOLA and go king cake shopping!!!” –Chris H.

“Love our two from NOCC’s Culinary!” –CBD Oil by Serenity Day Spa and Gifts

“That looks amazing!!” –Tara B.

“Jeeeezusss!!!! (hand praise emoji)” –NOLA Cuisine and Cocktail

“I want!” –Brian P.

“Look at this beauty!” –Christi A.

“How to put everything you love into the thing you love most—Cake!” –King Cake Baby

“O.M.G” –Carmen C.

“Awesomeness.” –Noel E.

“Do we want this? I think the answer is yes!!” –Lindsay P.

“Pretty tasty!” –Kathryn M.

“OMG what! I want this waiting for me!” –Michelle L.

“Had my first Hi-Do cake this weekend. It was SO good!!” –Angi V.

“Just picked one up, can’t wait to try it!” –Dianne G.

“This is so damn smart!” –Way M.

"Thank you for what you do!” –Bushwick Booze

“Everyone LOVED all the cakes! Love you guys.” –Ariana G.

“So glad you were there! I loved the selection and the ease of getting a king cake at your shop. I hope you do it again next year!” –Anita M.

“Great selection. We even got a free Mardi Gras CD!”

“I’m gonna miss this place!!” –Lauren V.

“Great doing business with you this year, loved the selections! See ya next year!” –Nyrie C.

“I absolutely loved doing business with y’all. Thank you so much for offering so many different varieties. Will definitely be back next year.” –JL A.

“Love this! My husband just got a cream cheese Hi-Do from you this morning!” –Joey Y.

“I heard Ian McNulty talking about this on WWNO Thursday morning! I have to try it!” –Tara B.

“My husband brought me a king cake home for V-day and one each week for the last 3 weeks.. Best king cake ever!” –Beth F.

“Delicious!” –Shannon G.

“So delicious!” –Anita M.

“Looks amazing!” –Tara B.

“So this is where that lemon berry one is from! OMG!” –Samantha G.

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We've found our new spokesman.

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The King Cake Hub Announcement!

The King Cake Hub is part of the Pizza Nola Gastronomic Universe

For years Pizza Nola served Lakeview and greater New Orleans with tasty pizza, breakfast and more. We also launched Carnival with the first party of the season and made popular the hottest king cake of the last few years. Now, we've branched out to rule Carnival with the best king cakes you've ever had and never had! Check out our blog for the King Cake Hub story.