Remembering Will Samuels

Will Samuels, the King Cake Hub co-founder, died in 2021 at the age of 52. In the true spirit of New Orleans, he and Jennifer Samuels worked to bring together the very best of Mardi Gras traditions of music, food and fun and share them with the rest of us.

Will began working in radio and music in college and continued as a DJ after graduating with a degree in communications. On air and off, Will kept us entertained, telling jokes just to make himself laugh. In the process, he made everyone around him laugh. He continued to work in music with his brother Mark, at Basin Street Records. He was a fixture in the New Orleans Jewish Community, leading youth groups and serving on the board of Shir Chadash Synagogue for almost 20 years.

Will, the entrepreneur, opened several local eateries serving breakfast fare, pizza, home made gelato and eventually, King Cake. With endless optimism and a flair for silly fun, Will Samuels attracted a following wherever he went. His "Sharknado" viewing parties, costumes and hype at his restaurant, Pizza NOLA, foreshadowed the fun and excitement he would bring to the Twelfth Night celebrations at the annual opening of King Cake Hub.

His wife, Jennifer, and daughter Livia continue the tradition of King Cake Hub with the same enthusiasm. Thank goodness! And thank you, Will, for sharing your love of music, food and fun with us and for always making us laugh.