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King Cake Coterie- Ultimate Carnival Package!
Gambino's Bakery- the King of King Cakes since 1949!
Caramel Crepes Du Leche King Cake from Balestra's Bakery made exclusive for the King Cake Coterie!
Chantilly King Cake from Bywater Bakery
King Cake Coterie- the Ultimate King Cake Package!

King Cake Coterie- the Ultimate King Cake Package!

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The ultimate King Cake package- 9 King Cakes during Carnival made exclusively for the Coterie! Each week members will receive a special King Cake from one of the best bakers from around New Orleans and Southeast Louisiana beginning on King's Day with the world premiere of the brand-new EPIPHANY King Cake! Want to be part of the Coterie? Act fast! Pick-up will be from a special reserved line at the King Cake Hub located at 4800 Canal St- we'll have more details as we get closer to Carnival.

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Dates, bakers and cakes offered are subject to change due to availability. No substitutions.

The Bakers and Cakes:

1) King Cake Hub presents- EPIPHANY! The worldwide debut of the new collaboration with Gambino's Bakery.

2) Cannata's Bakery presents King Berry Royale described as "Berry delicious with gooey butter."

3) Second Harvest Food Bank presents Maple Bacon Pecan King Cake Proceeds go to support their mission of ending hunger throughout South Louisiana and beyond. (Note that this is a change from their original flavor.)

4) Bywater Bakery presents a Pineapple Passion Fruit King Cake.

5) Hi Do Bakery presents a Chocolate Cream Cheese King Cake.

6) Balestra's presents Caramel Crepes Du Leche King Cake.

7) VooDough Bakery's Chef Angela Wilson presents a brioche-style plain cinnamon-free king cake that is soaked in syrup before frosting.

8) JUST ANNOUNCED: New Orleans Center of Creative Arts' Culinary Arts program presents a "Purple, Green and Gold”- a twist off the traditional Galette de Rios with a golden puff pastry, blueberry compote, lime cream cheese and almond pecan fillings

9) Gambino's Bakery presents Doberge King Cake!

Note- due to the perishable nature of some of the cakes, the Coterie is not available for shipping and is available only for pickup on the designated dates at 4800 Canal St.