King Cake Coterie 2022

King Cake Coterie - King Cake of the Week Club

Your King Cake of the Week Club.


Bring in on Baby tshirt - free with Coterie membership

This year's Coterie is more delicious than ever. Be part of New Orleans' gastronomic elite by subscribing for our exclusive King Cake of the Week Club.
As a member of the Coterie, you will be the first to taste weekly King Cake specials from local bakeries including Brennan's, Cannata's and more.

Coterie members can pick up your first cake on January 6th, Twelfth Night, then every Tuesday before Mardi Gras.
(We will be closed on Mardi Gras Day so we can join in the city-wide fun!)

Cannatas King Cake Gambinos Bakery King Cake NOCCA King Cake Bywater Bakery King Cake
Gracious Bakery King Cake Zuppardos King Cake District Donuts Sliders Brew King Cake Breads on Oak King Cake