Epiphany: The Cake of Kings
Epiphany: The Cake of Kings
Epiphany: The Cake of Kings

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Epiphany: The Cake of Kings

Our best-selling king cake in its debut year of 2019: EPIPHANY! A collaboration between the King Cake Hub and Gambino's Bakery, Epiphany features a classic brioche dough honoring 70 years of Carnival tradition topped with a modern twist of cream cheese and buttercream icing with Carnival sprinkles.  

But don't just take our word for it...

“Bought one on Monday and it’s perfect!!” –Angela S.

“It is fabulous! Took one to Dallas for a wedding shower this past weekend. I haven’t eaten that many carbs in about 3 months, BUT IT WAS WORTH IT!!!!” –Victoria M.

“So far it’s our hands down favorite this year!” –Deborah V.

“My kids said it’s the best king cake!” –Erin F.

“It is delicious!!!” –Penny W.

“It’s really good” –Mark S.

“Looks delicious” –Anthony W.

“Making me hungry!” –Diann G.

“Got ours yesterday before the game!!” –James H.

“We picked up our Epiphany cake. It was very good. Will be back for a Hi-Do, those are so yummy!” –Miliss C.

“Epiphany king cakes are the best!!” –Mindy W.